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Various mobile friendly versions of apps on the BGS website

BGS Geological Walk map

A walk through geological time at BGS Keyworth, now available to browse online


App for the geological map of Britain iPhone App | Android App ... and iGeology3D!


App for soil properties map of Britain | learn about the soil beneath your feet. iPhone App






New G-BASE for south-west England

New stream sediment and soil data from the Geochemical Baseline Survey of the Environment (G-BASE) project are now available for a suite of 53 elements including arsenic, copper, silver, tin and tungsten for south-west England.
Read more about G-BASE for south-west England

Office opening Christmas 2014

Keyworth/Wallingford/Cardiff/Edinburgh/Loanhead: closed 25/12/14 - 02/01/15. Reopen 05/01/15.
London: closed 20/12/14. Reopens 05/01/15.
Belfast: closed 24-26/12/14 and 01/01/15. Reopens 02/01/15.

Hazard products

Developing new and innovative data products that deliver geoscientific information to a range of users in an accessible form.

Read more about hazard products.

BGS Groundhog

A new geological model browser that allows you to explore geological models and purchase a range of outputs.

More about BGS Groundhog

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